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Commercial Glass Doors Repair

Commercial Glass Doors

1. Tempered, Safety, Security Glass

Tempered glass is float glass (also called annealed) that has been through a rigorous heating and cooling procedure. This procedure makes glass 5x stronger than float glass. Some call them “Toughened glass”. It is commonly used for glazed doors, low level windows (below 800mm) tabletops and glass shelving etc. If broken, tempered/toughened glass will shatter into hundreds of tiny pieces that do not have the jagged sharp edges associated with broken float glass. So is the name Safety or Security glass. It is important to remember that once glass has been through the toughening process, it is impossible to cut or alter again as the glass will shatter if broken or cut in anyway.

2. Table Top and Replacement glass

Glass Door Repair Florida

We provide them in whatever sizes and shapes for whatever your needs are. Polished edges make them safe. Also help them shine and enhance beauty of your office or side table or dresser. Available in many colors to suit your interior or taste.

3. Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is quite literally 2 sheets of glass that are "laminated" together using a special safety film. This safety film is designed to hold the fragments in place if the glass is broken, making it harder to break through. It is this safety film that creates the extra safety and extra security required when using laminated glass. Commonly used in shop windows, offices, schools, hospitals and community doors etc. A very popular choice for that extra safety and security.

4. Fire Rated Glass

Where life safety is indicated that is where you need Fire Rated Glazing. A range of Fire Resistant Glass types are available offering increasing levels of protection, which is measured in defined time periods (30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 minutes). It should be noted that Fire Resistant Glass must always be specified as part of a tested and approved glazing system and installation should be carried out by specialists in order to ensure that the expected fire performance is achieved should it be called upon.

5. X-ray Glass

As it is named, it is indicated for where X-rays are in use - commonly hospitals, clinics, etc. Specially treated glass prevents highly radioactive x-rays from escaping to harm unsuspecting people in close proximities. Ordered custom.

6. Bent Glass

The very possibility to bend glass frees the imagination of the architect/designer. While a curved wall can be fitted with segmented pieces of glasses, it often kills the intent. Curved glass is expensive, but it enhances the view and value of the property for ever. Available tempered or laminated and in colors of your choice.

7. Etched and Cast glass

Etched glass permanently makes your statement in your choice of design either in pictures or letters. Your entrances, bars, bathroom, dressing mirror, or wherever you choose, they will stay forever. When the standard available glasses won’t do, here comes cast glass specially made for your specification!