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1. AAMA Water Test Kits

Special water nozzles with pre-calibrated gauges to measure water pressure as recommended by Amercian Aluminum Manufactures Association for testing installed curtain wall and windows in situ position for water infiltration. We export them all over the world. Please send us enquiries for one or many.

2. Visqeen

Thick and very strong plastic sheet that is transparent and see through is useful for making water test chambers in window testing. These are also useful in making air barriers in front of store fronts or cold rooms where heavy traffic leaves the doors open. These find applications for covering jeep and boat windows. Please call us.

3. Pop Up Cups

Pop up cups are the darlings of environmentalists. These cups eliminate use of Styrofoam. Pop cups can be crumbled and put in your pockets while not in use, and whenever you need just “pop” it open to serve your cold or hot drinks! Please order a few.

4. Extension Cords Custom Color Name Printed

Extension cords are everywhere. But what we supply is custom colors and name printed. By having your individualized cords, there is no way some other trades could steel yours! Please order yours today.

5. Caution/Danger Tapes

All tapes – masking, duct, caution, danger – please call us.

6. Ladders

Aluminum and fiberglass ladders in lengths and weights that suit your needs!

7. Scaffold

We sell scaffold systems that are OSHA compliant. Please call us today.